Dear fellow Kiwanians,
I am really looking forward to serving our club this year as your President. It is an honor and I am humbled by all those leaders who have come before me. Thanks in particular to Past President Sandy Welfare who navigated us through a very difficult time and for all those who served during her tenure in this crazy virtual world in which we are living. All of you will make the transition so much easier.
We have a super star secretary, terrific board, and a great line up of committee chairs ready to go for 2020-2021. I know that together we can continue the great work our club does to serve the youth of our community, and we can do this with the following  goals in mind:   
  1. Provide great programs that expand our knowledge of the events that affect our communities and shape our world. 
  1. Nurture the strong connections we have with our partners by finding creative ways to support their work during this challenging time.
  1. Elevate the image of Kiwanis in our community via our marketing and social media presence.
These three goals will not only enable us to “Learn, Serve, and Connect”, but also to grow and maintain a membership that is diverse and ready to make a difference in their community.
And, I will add, while having fun in the process!
President David Moore